ISBN 0-7783-2221-1

French Edition


Can she find her missing brother before his secrets kill them all?

An attack at a trade show.
A ransacked hotel room.
An ominous message on her answering machine.
The threats come out of nowhere.
And they cannot be ignored.

Tyler St. Claire has long tried to disregard her family's "gift" of second sight, but when she learns of older brother David's mysterious abduction, she begins to understand that she can no longer afford to deny her legacy. Instinctively, she knows that there is a connection between her family's uncanny abilities and David's disappearance.

Grudgingly accepting the help of Evan Bartlock, an off duty cop, Tyler uncovers information on a shadowy organization that once employed David. Now Tyler must trust her family, her friends, and most of all, herself to unlock a dark web of conspiracy and murder—and confront an enemy who "sees" as well as she does.

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