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"this is a one-of-a-kind story"
After jewelry designer Tyler St. Claire is assaulted at a trade show and her hotel room tossed, the local cops treat her like she's the criminal. She doesn't think her day can get any worse, then she discovers that her brother Davie has been kidnapped, and the people holding him want something she supposedly has. The trouble is, Tyler has no idea what!
With the help of agent Evan Bartlock and her two business partners, Tyler cares for her fragile niece, Jane, and realizes that her St. Claire psychic "gift" may not be the curse she thinks. It just might be the only hope they have of finding Davie alive. But it's a slim hope at best, because it appears that her criminal adversary is equally "gifted."
Fast-paced, action-packed and often humorous, this is a one-of-a-kind story. Tyler is a special heroine and Evan is her match in every way. One can only hope there will be future adventures to savor.


Action-Packed Paranormal Thriller, Five Stars
BLOODSTONE is an action-packed romantic paranormal thriller starring two wonderful characters while Tyler learns to stop hating and love her Gift, her champion Evan is with her every perilous step in her frantic rescue effort. The villain in some ways is more her equal than Evan, but he makes up the difference and more with his willingness to risk his life for her.
Fans of fast-paced adventure tales with a touch of the extrasensory and romance will need to hunt no further than this super suspense filled novel.
—Harriet Klausner

For generations, the St. Claire family has been gifted with phenomenal physic ability. Most accept the gift and their abilities, unlike Tyler St. Claire. Tyler, who was raised by an unfeeling stepfather, has always considered her abilities a curse. She has worked hard over the years shielding her mind behind a wall, that is until the mysterious abduction of her brother David.
Aunt Matilda, the family matriarch, has called in Evan Bartlock to investigate the disappearance of David. Evan is a special agent who is currently on leave and just happens to be a distant cousin and a St. Claire. Tyler has always avoided her Aunt Matilda, for she usually trains all the St. Claire's when they come into their gift. Aunt Matilda has thrown these two together to achieve two goals, find David, and have more St. Claire babies.
Tyler will have to accept her gift and embrace it to have any hope of finding David. She will also have to team up with Evan to keep David's daughter, Jane, safe from harm. Jane is about to come into her very own gift and she and Tyler will need Aunt Matilda to survive.
Bloodstone is a great mystery whose twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end. Paranormal fans will be looking for more from Gwen Hunter.
Reviewed by Lori Sears

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