ISBN 978-0-7783-2621-2


The kayak trip was supposed to be a honeymoon. But when Nell and Joe are caught in a flash flood, Nell is swept under, trapped, and loses consciousness. She awakens, safe on shore, to find a note from Joe explaining that he has gone for help. He never returns.
    The search that follows raises more questions than it answers—about the family he never mentioned, who arrive in Nell's sleepy hometown; about the enormous inheritence; and worse, the question whispered by the locals ... is Nell responsible?
    Always hoping for Joe's return, Nell tries to put the rumors behind her. But as years slip past, she craves answers. Nell retakes the river in search of the truth and finds that jealousy, desperation and deception can pull you under faster than churning water—and you may never resurface.

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ISBN 978-0-7783-2464-5


Best Contemporary Mystery and Suspence Novel of 2008
—Romantic Times Magazine

Four little girls—each blond, each on the verge of adolescence—stolen from their families.

Their bodies discovered months later in shallow graves, surrounded by trinkets they never owned, clutching a scrap of paper bearing a cryptic verse.
As a forensic nurse in rural South Carolina, Ashlee Chadwick Davenport acts as both caregiver and cop, gathering evidence from anyone who arrives in the local E.R. as the result of a crime. It's a tough job, both physically and emotionally draining, but deeply satisfying.
Then a child's red shoe is discovered on Davenport property. The evidence leads Ashlee to the body of a missing girl and her work suddenly invades every aspect of her life. As an expert and a witness, she must call upon all her resources. And when the killer's eye turns to her, she becomes intimately involved with a crime that tests her mind and her spirit ... and the price of failure will be another child's life.

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ISBN 1-933523-02-6

Hardcover from Bella Rosa Books
ISBN 978-1-933523-02-6

The story of a failed marriage, a teenage romance re-explored, and an investigation into secrets of the past, secrets that are broken open and brought to light by a child's love for her tortured mother. A middle-age coming of age story of a love that was never fulfilled, never forgotten. A story of hope that will leave you crying and cheering for joy. For it is never too late to chase your dreams—or to fall in love.

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ISBN 0-7783-2221-1


Tyler St. Claire has long tried to disregard her family's "gift" of second sight, but when she learns of older brother's mysterious abduction, she begins to understand that she can no longer afford to deny her legacy.

She must trust her family, her friends, and most of all, herself to unlock a dark web of conspiracy and murder—and confront an enemy who "sees" as well as she does

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Finalist for the 2006 Mary Higgins Clark Award


A mother and daughter are on a photography shoot in the Appalachians when a stranger appears. Inviting him to join them for coffee proves deadly. The stranger attacks the mother and kidnaps the daughter. Soon the hunt is on to stop a sadistic abductor from following through on his promise to kill the girl.

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ISBN 978-1-933523-17-0



Although not part of the Rhea Lynch, M.D. Series, this book could be considered a prequel. It has the same fictional setting and features Ashlee Davenport, the main character in SLEEP SOFTLY, and Rhea Lynch's favorite emergency room nurse.

Ashlee Chadwick Davenport has been a widow for only a month when she finds disturbing evidence suggesting that her husband Jack—pillar of the community, church deacon, principled businessman—might have been much less honorable than he seemed. There are recordings of anonymous phone calls alleging Jack was involved in unsavory business transactions. Records of shady land deals. And she finds letters that hint at even darker dealings....

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