Finalist for the 2006 Mary Higgins Clark Award

Somewhere in the darkness, a stranger has her daughter . . .

Mackenzie Morgan thinks she's doing the right thing by taking her teenaged daughter Bella into the Appalachians on a photography shoot. Fleeing a crumbling marriage, Mac needs time to bond with her daughter and escape the betrayal that still leaves her numb. But when a drifter abducts Bella and carries her deep into the steep mountain woods, Mac must draw on her deepest reserves to fight for her daughter's safe return.
     When her soon-to-be ex-husband arrives, old wounds flare, and Mac turns to Caleb Howell, a local tracker who helps keep her focused on the most important task: finding Bella. Then astonishing evidence comes to light that reveals the abduction was not as random as they first believed. As hours turn into days, Mac struggles to keep her hope
and her terrified daughteralive.

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