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Gwen Hunter - Prescribed Danger

It gets no better than this!   --Detra Fitch
Dr. Rhea Lynch was working in an ER of a small South Carolina hospital when an interracial couple was rushed in.  They had been beaten, blooded, and forcibly tattooed by a mysterious hate group.  They were the first of a series of patients who had been infected with a new bacteria....

Rhea, along with her almost boyfriend and local cop named Mark Stafford, became up to their eyebrows in officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Naval Intelligence Service (NIS), Patriot groups, and blood-sucking media, as they fight to figure out what was going on and save lives!

It doesn't take long to figure out that they are dealing with something far bigger and more terrifying than they could ever imagine!

***** If you read Delayed Diagnosis then there is no doubt in my mind you will buy this book the moment you see the name Gwen Hunter on the cover!  If you have not read it, then do yourself a favor and purchase it at the same time you buy this one!  Dr. Rhea-Rhea is the most sassy, intelligent, stubborn, and tenacious woman I have ever met!  And I love her!

Author, Gwen Hunter, has succeeded in creating a realistic little town and filling it with characters that readers can easily come to know and love.  Here is a book for your "Keeper" shelf and an author that, I have no doubt, will quickly become a well known name!  BRAVA! *****

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Reviewed by Detra Fitch
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Mira Books
ISBN: 1-55166-916-1
April 2002

Dawkins County, South Carolina - Present Day

Emergency room doctor Rhea Lynch is on duty during a horrendous storm that has caused flooding and intermittent power outages. When an ambulance delivers two patients who had been tortured and kidnapped, things quickly go from bad to worse.  One of the victims is six months pregnant and in the late stages of labor. Rhea desperately tries to save the mother, but the baby is stillborn. The mother seems to be recovering; however, in just a very few hours the mother suddenly dies from what appears at first glance to be pneumonia. When her husband also shows signs of the illness, and other patients are brought in, Rhea begins to doubt that this is a simple case of pneumonia. Compounding the strange illness is the rash of hate crimes being committed by an unknown group. As one patient after another quickly succumbs to the illness, Rhea begins to suspect that this is no ordinary virus.

PRESCRIBED DANGER is a fast moving, highly intense novel. Biological warfare, domestic terrorism, racially motivated religious hate groups; each and every aspect of PRESCRIBED DANGER could have been pulled from today's headlines. The emotion is powerful and the action intense. Ms. Hunter has gone to great pains to outline the steps taken by the medical profession to isolate and treat viral and bacterial infection without using language that is foreign to non-medical people. In addition to the outstanding plot and narrative, Ms. Hunter has created a cast of interesting characters. The dialogue is concise and believable, and the interaction between the characters is superbly portrayed. PRESCRIBED DANGER is told in the first person from the perspective of Dr. Lynch, and while I don't usually care for first person narrative, in this instance, it made the action more immediate and the tension more intense.  The reader is privy only to Dr. Lynch's thoughts and so muddles through with her as she races to find answers before more people die.  

PRESCRIBED DANGER is the second book to feature Dr. Rhea Lynch, and while it's not necessary to read the first book, DELAYED DIAGNOSIS, in order to enjoy this one, I do feel there are important things about the recurring characters I missed by not having read it. However, even though I haven't read the previous novel, I fully enjoyed PRESCRIBED DANGER and recommend it to fans of suspense thrillers.  Romance fans should be made aware that, while there is a budding romance or two in the novel, nothing is resolved between the romantic couples, and the focus is not on the romantic aspects of the story but on the suspense.  This was my first book by Ms. Hunter, but it most certainly won't be my last. I look forward to reading the previous and future novels about Dr. Rhea Lynch.

Terrie Figueroa
Romance Reviews Today

Gwen Hunter
Mira Books

Dr. Rhea Lynch, who was introduced in Delayed Diagnosis, is back.  The hard-working ER doctor is still putting in long hours at the small South Carolina hospital where she swears she's seen it all.

Then one night everything changes.  First is the interracial couple, beaten and held captive for several days, victims of a hate crime.  While caring for their injuries, Rhea discovers an unusual illness.  The wife shows signs of a pulmonary infection that seems to advance at lightening speed and then, within hours, she's dead.  Almost immediately her husband begins showing the same symptoms, and others begin arriving at the ER with this mysterious illness.

Rhea is thrust into a strange world of religious extremist, hate groups, and the military, all in the hopes of uncovering the cause of the now steadily increasing deaths at her hospital.  Things are pointing to germ warfare, but who is responsible and why?

Dr. Rhea is becoming an old  friend, and Ms. Hunter assures readers they'll see more of this fascinating medical detective.  With a wonderful sense of detail, and enough twists and turns to keep the pages flying, Ms. Hunter leaves you yearning for more.
     --Debbie RichardsonROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINE

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