by Gwen Hunter

Category: Fiction/Thriller
376 pages
ISBN 0-7783-2006-5
Publisher - Mira Books
January 1, 2004


pg. 80

The nurses phone rang, the odd double-ring that announced an outside call. A moment later Carla called out, “Dr. Lynch, It’s for you. Line two.”

I picked up the receiver, spotting a smear of blood on one cuff. Charlie Denbrow’s blood. Rolling the sleeve so it wouldn’t show, I said, “Lynch here.”

“Got your message.” When I said nothing, Mark prompted, “About the kid and his kidnapped sister?”

“Oh Yeah. It’s been a busy couple hours.” I rolled the other cuff to match. The tough doctor look.

“I talked to the kid, Wayne Edward. This sister being kidnapped by the foster father claim he’s making. It didn’t happen, okay?”

“Okay, but–”

“So back off.”

I held the phone out and stared at the receiver a moment as if the device had lost its mind. Or its manners. Mark was still speaking so I put it back to my ear.

“–don’t mean to be a typical cop but I’ll handle it. I know what’s going on with these girls and I don’t need you to–”

I put the phone back on the hook. Hanging up on a call was something like number twenty-four on Miss DeeDee's list of things a real lady never did. I wasn't a real lady. “Men. Stupid, dumb, idiot men.  Man,” I clarified. “Stupid, dumb, idiot man.” And then I thought, Did Mark say these girls?  What girls? . . .