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The kayak trip was supposed to be a honeymoon. But when Nell and Joe are caught in a flash flood, Nell is swept under, trapped, and loses consciousness. She awakens, safe on shore, to find a note from Joe explaining that he has gone for help. He never returns.
    The search that follows raises more questions than it answers—about the family he never mentioned, who arrive in Nell's sleepy hometown; about the enormous inheritance; and worse, the question whispered by the locals . . . is Nell responsible?
    Always hoping for Joe's return, Nell tries to put the rumors behind her. But as years slip past, she craves answers. Nell retakes the river in search of the truth and finds that jealousy, desperation and deception can pull you under faster than churning water—and you may never resurface.

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January 13, 2010 /  12-2pm  /  Greenville, SC

Book Your Lunch @ The Lazy Goat
170 River Place

Sponsored by:
Fiction Addiction
1020A Woodruff Rd.

February 27-28, 2010 / Columbia, SC

South Carolina Book Festival
Come meet Gwen at the Bella Rosa Books booth.

Festival info at:

September 13-18, 2010 / Pigeon River / Hartford, TN

When I'm not on the river I'll be hanging out at RAPID EXPEDITIONS or WILDWATER, LTD. Come run the rapids with one of these outfitters. You might see me on the water or in the shop chatting up the customers.

On Saturday, 9/18, 2-4pm, I'll be signing books at WILDWATER.

When I was researching RAPID DESCENT, Jedi Mike (the real Jedi Mike) of WILDWATER, LTD., sent me to David Crawford of RAPID EXPEDITIONS to learn to paddle a whitewater kayak. Learning from Dave was an exercise in . . . Calm. How to relax no matter the situation. Dave was the inspiration for two characters in RAPID DESCENT: Orson and Elton. His personal story is amazing—but his to tell.

Jedi Mike is just as outspoken and refreshingly honest as the character by the same name in my novel. He is a rafting guru. He knows more about the rivers, the history of the rivers, and the Appalachian Mountains than anyone I ever met. Mike single-handedly inspired and convinced me to write RAPID DESCENT. If you are lucky enough to get him as a river guide on the Pigeon you will have a truly memorable trip.


October 2, 2010 / 12 noon / Charlotte, NC

I'll be Novello as Gwen and Faith. Details here!

December 16, 2010 -  12pm-2pm / Rock Hill, SC


Book Launch for the first USA Edition

The BookNook
742 N. Anderson Rd.
Rock Hill, SC.
803 327-9028




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